“PhiDE provided two major opportunities during my undergrad years. The first was the opportunity to create lasting friendships. By the time I graduated, the majority of my friends were all members of the fraternity. In fact, this spring I was a groomsman for one member who was initiated with me!

The second major opportunity I gained through my membership in PhiDE was actually multiple opportunities that fall under the heading of volunteering and leadership. There are so many events hosted by the chapter that it is super easy to get involved, and for those interested in leadership there are positions available each year such as committee chairs and executive seats that allow you to gain great leadership experience.

If I had to choose one organization I was a part of that had the greatest impact in terms of enriching my undergraduate experience, and helped me prepare for entry into medical school, it would definitely be Phi Delta Epsilon. So set yourself up for success, make the best choice, and join PhiDE!”

Aaron S., Omicron Class