86% of our chapter succeeds in gaining admission to medical school, but being part of PhiDE is so much more than that. Don’t just take our word from it: hear it directly from our members themselves.

“PhiDE provided two major opportunities during my undergrad years. The first was the opportunity to create lasting friendships. By the time I graduated, the majority of my friends were all members of the fraternity. In fact, this spring I was a groomsman for one member who was initiated with me!

The second major opportunity I gained through my membership in PhiDE was actually multiple opportunities that fall under the heading of volunteering and leadership. There are so many events hosted by the chapter that it is super easy to get involved, and for those interested in leadership there are positions available each year such as committee chairs and executive seats that allow you to gain great leadership experience.

If I had to choose one organization I was a part of that had the greatest impact in terms of enriching my undergraduate experience, and helped me prepare for entry into medical school, it would definitely be Phi Delta Epsilon. So set yourself up for success, make the best choice, and join PhiDE!”

Aaron S., Omicron Class

“PhiDE has allowed me to make both professional and personal connections to ease my transition from high school into university. Being part of this amazing fraternity has provided me with multiple opportunities to accentuate my growth as a prospective medical student, and more importantly, as a mature, respected student. PhiDE has given me a second family!”

Andrew C., Psi Class

Facta Non Verba means Deeds Not Words in Latin. Our motto has paved the way through my whole experience as a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. As a leader and believer of PhiDE’s values, I learned that through my actions rather than words, I can become an active community member, life-long friend, and lastly, a role model to my fellow peers. Finding a place that truly allows me to interact with like minded people who can better allow me to succeed as a member of society and help me become a future physician of tomorrow is more than I could have asked for.”

Asa R., Tau Class

“Every ounce of effort that I have put into Phi Delta Epsilon has been repaid to me. As both a general member and member of the executive team, I developed in all facets of my life even developing qualities I didn’t know I had. PhiDE didn’t only allow me to become a stronger aspiring doctor; it also allowed be to become a stronger professional  communicator, and leader, among other things.”

Michal J., Tau Class

“Being a member of Phi Delta Epsilon at SFU has opened up many fun and useful volunteer opportunities in addition to providing career information and guidance. I’ve particularly enjoyed helping out at the Surrey Food Bank and at fundraising events on campus. The best part is that everyone in PhiDE helps each other out with coursework and advice to help keep motivated, and I’ve made some amazing friends!”

Samindi F., Phi Class

“PhiDE provides a wide range of possibilities that are set to entice each individual to find their own experiences within this multi-cultural and diverse group, whether it be through finding solace in the comfort of like-minded individuals, or exciting new possibilities to use your skills and knowledge in a professional setting. PhiDE to me is the potential for achievement.”

Selva B., Phi Class

Valeriya Zaborska

“I strive to live by Tennyson’s words: ‘To strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield’ – and Phi Delta Epsilon has helped me achieve exactly that. This strong network of support has helped me to excel in all aspects of being a well-wounded individual and has introduced me to fantastic mentors who motivate me not to ever yield.”

Valeriya Z., Psi Class