Head over to the Official MedConnect Conference website,, to learn more about the event’s keynote speakers, event itinerary, and how you can get more involved before, during, and after MedConnect.

MedConnect is a student conference connecting tomorrow’s health care professionals with today’s. In a one-day conference, attendees will learn from physicians and other health professionals, engage in workshops to immerse themselves in the medical world, and receive invaluable insight from current medical students. This event is aims to educate and inspire students curious about a career in medicine, providing a strong foundation for future studies and ventures.

MedConnect is a non-profit event and is open to motivated university students and high school students, targeted towards those curious about a career in medicine. Originally held exclusively for university undergraduate students, MedConnect is now opening up to a broader audience to provide a higher quality experience to the future generation of health professionals.

What To Expect

  • Four lectures from physicians from different medical fields like cardiology, neuropsychiatry, and more
  • Two unique workshops created to best prepare you for the medical world and application process
  • A panel with question and answer period from current medical students from each medical school year
  • An organizing team of undergraduate and medical students with deep knowledge into the medical application process and connections to the health fields 

The MedConnect Conference 2016 was held on November 19th, and hosted a huge variety of speakers and event attendees for the day. Thank you all for an incredibly special day! You can head over to the MedConnect Conference website to learn of more details about the conference and take a look at our website gallery.