Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What’s the difference between PhiDE and the other pre-med clubs on campus?

A: We like to think that the main difference is the social experience. Our chapter takes great pride in our roots as a fraternal organization and we encourage strong friendships between our members through our service and social activities. Many of our members have become great friends and spend time together outside of scheduled meetings and events. As well, as an international organization, being a member of PhiDE means an instant connection to 35,000 premedical and medical students as well as physicians across the globe. We do not tolerate a competitive environment within our fraternity; our mission is to help one another achieve our shared goals of becoming physicians. We therefore expect all of our members to contribute towards this goal in some way. For more about what makes the PhiDE experience so unique, please click here.

Q: Isn’t a fraternity for males only? Why are there girls in your group?

A: Phi Delta Epsilon is a co-educational fraternity, so both men and women are eligible to join. When the fraternity was first founded in 1904, membership was originally restricted to males; however, women have been part of Phi Delta Epsilon since the 1960’s.

Q: What is the medical school acceptance rate of your chapter?

A: Over the past three years, 86% of the members of our chapter who have applied for medical school have succeeded in getting in. We are extremely proud of this statistic, especially compared to the 16.6% overall acceptance rate for the MD Program at the UBC Faculty of Medicine (class of 2016).

Q: Will being a member of PhiDE increase my chances of getting into medical school?

A: Becoming a member of Phi Delta Epsilon is a great way to network with like-minded students, enhance your undergraduate experience and gain valuable insight into the possibility of a medical career. We offer many options for members to get involved such as leadership positions and fundraising and volunteer work throughout the semester. However, we strongly discourage applicants who are simply looking for a “resume booster” from applying for membership. All of our members are expected to contribute to our chapter goals in some form in exchange for the opportunities we provide them: it truly is a matter of getting out what you put in. In addition, we would encourage any medical school applicant – whether part of Phi Delta Epsilon or not – to seek out a variety of extra-curricular, volunteer and research opportunities (in addition to maintaining a competitive grade point average) in order to become the strongest applicants possible.

Q: Do you have hazing and/or other initiation rituals?

A: Absolutely not! As per our International By-Laws, hazing and other similar activities have never — and never will be — part of our practices.

Q: I still have questions, how can I contact you?

A: Please email our exec board at We will reply to your inquiry as soon as possible.