The Experience

IMG_0508Joining a fraternity means more than just a new group of friends. The bonds formed among brothers and sisters of Phi Delta Epsilon are incomparable. We pride ourselves on our welcoming environment, one in which we motivate one other to excel in our academic and professional lives, and assist each other in times of need. Our Bigs and Littles program pairs our youngest members with a mentor for one-on-one advising, planning for medical school, inspiration, and best of all, a lifelong friendship.


When you join our chapter at Simon Fraser, Canada Beta, you don’t just become part of another “pre-medical club” — you become part of something much greater. With its rich history of over 100 years, Phi Delta Epsilon has over 35,000 members around the world whom we have the opportunity to connect with through collaborative projects and international conventions. Your fellow fraters both at Simon Fraser and internationally will be there to support you on your path to medicine no matter where you end up.


Though we’re all very focused on our academics in order to maintain a competitive GPA for
med school, all work and no play makes for some crazy (and not to mention boring) premeds!best group photo.JPG Each semester we make sure to schedule in some activities to take our minds off of studying for a well-deserved break. From simply having dinner together to poker tournaments, laser tag, and wings night at the campus pub, being part of PhiDE is a great way to get to know other like-minded students and become part of a premed community  to share both your stresses and successes with.


IMG_1462Like every chapter of PhiDE, we are officially affiliated with Children’s Miracle Network and raise money through various campus events for our local CMN hospital, BC Children’s Hospital, throughout every semester. Additionally, we are also partnered with a wide variety of other organizations, giving our members ample opportunity to get involved with care homes, food banks, literacy programs, soup kitchens, blood drives and more! See our Philanthropy page for details.


We regularly bring in a variety of guest presenters to educate our members about medical school requirements and gain transferable skills and knowledge to succeed professionally and academically. Former sessions have included former PhiDE fraters who have gone on to medical school and become physicians, MMI interview prep sessions, our partners from Kaplan Test Prep, and the Burnaby Toastmasters Club. Furthermore, our chapter advisors are available to offer guidance on medical school applications and other opportunities.


Photobooth (16)We expect that all members of our chapter will contribute towards making our chapter reach its fullest potential, thus helping one
another achieve our mutual goals. A variety of leadership positions exist not only within our home here at Simon Fraser, but beyond as well: every year we sponsor delegates from our chapter to attend conventions and conferences held all over the world, exclusively for PhiDE members  to maximize their leadership potential and professional development.