A Family of Future Physicians

Phi Delta Epsilon comprises 35,000 physicians, medical, and premedical students at over 160 chapters and colonies across the world. Our chapter at Simon Fraser University, Canada Beta, has a diverse membership with students representing a variety of faculties at all levels of study. What binds us is our love of service, will to excel, and of course, our desire to become future physicians.

We hope to remove the negative connotations associated with the competitiveness of entry into medical school, and foster a strong community and lifelong friendships amongst outstanding premedical students at SFU, helping one another to achieve our shared goals. Through our fundraising and volunteer efforts, social activities, and academic excellence, we hope to help our members reach their fullest potential in their premed career – and have fun while we’re at it!

Facta Non Verba means Deeds Not Words in Latin. Our motto has paved the way through my whole experience as a member of Phi Delta Epsilon. As a leader and believer of PhiDE’s values, I learned that through my actions rather than words, I can become an active community member, life-long friend, and lastly, a role model to my fellow peers. Finding a place that truly allows me to interact with like minded people who can better allow me to succeed as a member of society and help me become a future physician of tomorrow is more than I could have asked for.”

Asa R., Tau Class

“PhiDE has allowed me to make both professional and personal connections to ease my transition from high school into university. Being part of this amazing fraternity has provided me with multiple opportunities to accentuate my growth as a prospective medical student, and more importantly, as a mature, respected student. PhiDE has given me a second family!”

Andrew C., Psi Class